Atlanta and Florida Personal Injury

The consequences of an auto accident or other events caused by someone else’s intentional or negligent actions can be devastating, leaving long-lasting physical and emotional damage. Starks Law LLC is an Atlanta, Georgia-based law firm helping victims and their families across Georgia and Florida recover the compensation they’re owed when the unexpected happens.

Cases the Firm Handles

The aftermath of a personal injury accident can be confusing and frustrating for victims and their loved ones. Victims may need months or even years of physical and mental treatments and therapy. In some cases, damage can result in a lifetime of suffering. Attorney Vera June Starks understands the devastation that can come with personal injuries, and is committed to helping her clients obtain the best possible outcome.

Starks Law LLC represents clients with a range of personal injury matters. Some of the cases the firm handles include:

Wrongful Death – If someone you love died because of an injury accident, a product malfunction or because of unsafe conditions, no attorney or law firm can ever erase or ease your loss. However, Starks Law LLC can help you recover compensation, and can help ensure others don’t suffer the same fate.

Auto Accidents – Injuries sustained in auto accidents can range from minor aches and pains to paralysis or traumatic brain injuries. Starks Law LLC helps victims fight for the compensation they’re owed, no matter how large or small the accident.

Nursing Home or Senior Apartment Home Abuse – We trust that our elderly loved ones will be given the respect and care they deserve in nursing homes or senior living environments. Unfortunately, abuse sometimes occurs. Attorney Vera June Starks can help make sure other seniors don’t suffer abuse.

Negligent Security – Injuries or death can sometimes occur because of a failure on the part of a business owner or property manager to have adequate security measures in place. Whether an injury was due to a shooting or another cause, Starks Law LLC can help right the wrong done to you or your loved one.

Rely on Starks Law LLC to Recover the Compensation You’re Owed

If you were injured because of someone else’s intentional or negligent actions, or if a loved one was injured or killed, it’s important to talk to an experienced, knowledgeable personal injury attorney. You may be entitled to significant compensation under the law. While that compensation won’t change the results of the accident or negligent actions, it can help ease the financial, physical and emotional burdens that can arise after a wrongful death or injury.

To schedule a free initial review of your case, contact personal injury attorney Vera June Starks in Atlanta, Georgia today at 404-445-8755. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to have an attorney in your corner and by your side.

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